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11 July 2018

Third Phase of Expansion Of The NIMR Water Treatment Planet ( NWTP )

Oman National Investments Development company “TANMIA” has signed an agreement to launch the third phase of expansion of the Nimr Water Treatment Plant (NWTP) , The pact, to be implemented by Bauer Nimr in partnership with TANMIA and others partners in cooperation with PDO.

After the expansion, the plant will be able to treat 175,000 cubic meters of water.

The project will be financed by Bank Muscat and DEG-German Bank.

The Nimr Water Treatment Project (NWTP) is considered to be the largest industrial constructed wetland system in the world, consisting of a series of sloping reed fields and evaporation ponds, in all the size of 640 football pitches, which processes over 110,000 m3/day (more than 690,000 barrels/day) of produced water from the Nimr oilfields in the southern Oman desert.