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06 February 2022

Al Kawthar and Tathmeer announce cash dividends as performance continues to rise

Mutual Funds under TANMIA’s management continued their outstanding and recorded a positive performance for the year ended 2021. TANMIA GCC Diversified Fund “Tathmeer” achieved a return of 32.9% in 2021 while Al Kawthar Shariah Compliant Fund yielded a return of 27.3% for the same period. TANMIA continues to carry out their influential role through structuring investment strategies that ensure sustainable positive returns for unit-holders, in addition to protecting the funds from market volatility and implications arising from economic and health developments locally and worldwide.

In light of the positive performance, the funds’ management decided to distribute cash dividends of 6% for Tathmeer unit-holders and 5% for Al Kawthar unit-holders. Investors of the two Funds as on 17 February 2022 shall be eligible for the declared dividend.